The University

Harokopio University was the 18th state University established in Greece. Founded under the article 9 of Law1894/90, as amended by article 17 of Law 1966/91, on the initiative of Professor George Karabatzos (+2011). Harokopio University was named after the national benefactor Panagis Harokopos, who envisioned an educational institution with excellent building facilities and equipment, in harmony with the natural environment, which could offer contemporary science. So the opportunity was given both to Panagis Harokopos and Evanthia Harokopou – Petrutsi to fully exploit their assets according to their wishes.  
The design and overall development of the University has been based on international standards and on scientific research, commissioned by the Institute of Regional Development of Panteion University, ordered by the Minister of Education of that period. The existing building infrastructure was completely renovated in 1993-1994 and was supplemented by the construction of a new building in 1999-2000. During 2011 a new building will be completed in the area of Tavros on land purchased in 2004.
Harokopio University admitted its first students during the academic year 1993-1994. During the first years of operation it was successively administrated by two Managerial Committees. President of the first Committee (1991-1996) was Athina Zamani- Papapetrou, Professor, University of Athens, Vice President was George Karabatzos, Professor, Harokopio University, and members were: Eleftherios Karagiannopoulos, Director of Programming and Research of the Ministry of Education, Eftixia Kominatou – Pagoni, Dirctor of the Technical Department of the University of Athens, Antonis Rigas, Professor, University of Athens, Ilias Sidiropoulos, Professor, Panteion University and Nikolas Tsoutsas, Lawyer – Legal Advisor Harokopio University. President of the second Committee (1996-1999) was Constantinos Balis, Professor, Agricultural University.
Since 1999 the University acquired the first Rector, Professor Georgios Karabatzos, and the first Vice Rectors, Professors Vassilios Stavinos,  Constantinos Balis (+2000) and since 2000 Andreas Kyriakousis. In 2004 Professor Andreas Kyriakousis became Rector, with Vice Rectors Professors Smaragdi Antonopoulou and Katerina Maridaki – Kassotaki,  while from 1.1.2011 to 30.4.2011 Rector became Professor Smaragdi Antonopoulou and from 1.5.2011 to 31.8.2011 rector was Professor Katerina Maridaki – Kassotaki. From 1.9.2011 to 14.1.2016 Rector of the University was elected Professor Dimosthenis Anagnostopoulos and Vice Rectors: Professor Apostolos Papadopoulos and Professor Evangelia Georgitsoyianni. Today, Rector of the University is Professor Maria Nikolaidi and Vice Rectors: Professor Dimosthenis Panagiotakos, Professor Konstantia – Aikaterini Lazaridi and Associate Professor Konstantinos Abeliotis.

Today Harokopio University comprises three Schools and four Undergraduate Departments

School of Environment, Geography and Applied Economics

  • Department of Home Economics and Ecology (since 1993)
  • Department of Geography (since 2000)

School of Health Science and Education

  • Department of Nutrition and Dietetics (since 1994)

School of Digital Technology

  • Department of Informatics and Telematics (since 2007)

as well as four postgraduate programmes:

  1. Sustainable Development
  2. Applied Nutrition and Dietetics
  3. Applied Geography and Spatial Management
  4. Education and Culture

Harokopio University also provides:

  • Library and Information Center

Its aim is the collection, processing and dissemination of information that relates to relevant scientific areas.

  • University Careers Office

Its aim is the development of interactive communication between the University and businesses, where the graduates can work.

  • Student Counseling Center

It aims at helping students with a) personal issues such as adjusting to a new culture or environment, difficulties in decision making, psychosomatic problems, eating problems, phobias, depression, anxiety, addiction etc.), b) problems related to their studies such as learning difficulties, time management, etc), c) relationship problems, and d) stressful life events (disease, death, disasters etc).

  • Network Operation Center

Its aim is to develop, operate and manage the University’s voice network by providing high quality services to its users.

Research developing in the University contributes to the promotion of scientific knowledge and public health, as well as to the improvement of economic and social development of the country. According to international studies Harokopio University: a) is classified fourth and third, accordingly, among the Greek Universities, regarding international reports per publication of the Members of the Academic Community, and b) it is among the four Greek Universities, the publications of which have greater resonance and  record indicators that exide or approach the international average (EKT, recent study for the period 1993-2008).

Harokopio University has welcomed co-operations through bilateral  agreements and research programs with European Universities, such as Lancaster University, University of Bristol, University of Manchester, City University London, Université Paris I, Université Paris Descartes, Université Lille 1, Lund University, etc., as well as with Universities in the United States, such as Yale University, Tufts University and Harvard University, while it still continues to co-operate with European Universities through the ERASMUS program.