Health Care

Undergraduate and postgraduate students of Harokopio University, who are not insured in any insurance organisation, are entitled to health care for a maximum period of six (6) years from the date of their first registration. In case of suspension of studies the right of health care is extended accordingly.

For the issuing of Student Health Care Booklet, which is renewable each academic year, the students have to complete a Law Statement (L.1566/1986), with a passport size photo attached and give it to the relevant Department Secretariat.

Health Care is provided in public hospitals.

Medical examinations and drug prescriptions are given by the hospital doctors and are audited by the Medical Department of the University of Athens (15 Ippokratous str. Athens).

The prescription has to clearly bear the name, the department, the student id number, the condition, the date, the signature and the doctor’s official stamp.

Medicines are provided by the pharmacies at the expense of the student. Then the student brings the receipt and the medicine coupons to the Financial Department of the University and receives the relevant amount.