Students Feeding Services

Undergraduate and postgraduate students can be provided with free meals, based on individual and family financial status (PD387/1983 – Law 2817/14-3-2000).

In order for the students to receive their free meal pass, they have to submit the following documents to the relevant department:

  1. The attached application

  2. Certified copy of their tax return or of their tax statement

  3. Certificate of study from other Universities attended by other family members (if any)

  4. Large Family certificate (for students, who are members of large families) or family certificate (for students who belong to three member families) and

  5. a recent passport – type photograph

If you are staying in a dormitory, please note X in the appropriate box in the application and do not attach a photo.

Information: Panagiotis Giannopoulos, Department of Academic Affairs, Office 1.13 1st Floor Old Building Tel: +30 210 9549349