Central Administration


According to Article 8, paragraph 2, Law 4009/2011, Institutions like Harokopio University, in which the number of professors is less than fifty, the Council consists of eleven members: seven internal and four external. The internal members are six professors or associate professors and a representative of the University’s students.
The Rector and a representative of each category of staff participate in the Council’s meetings, without the right to vote.


Constitution of Harokopio University Council



  • John Tsitsiklis, Clarence J Lebel Professor of Electrical Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, ΜΙΤ




According to Article 8, paragraph 15 of Law 4009/2011, as Rector can be elected a Professor coming from a Greek or foreign University. The Rector has to have Greek citizenship and excellent knowledge of the Greek language, recognized prestige and considerable administrative experience. According to par. 17 of the same article, the Rector decides who will be the Deputy Rectors, to whom he delegates specific responsibilities. Deputy Rectors can replace the Rector if absent or unavailable.


Professor Maria Nikolaidi

e-mail: rector (at) hua.gr

Deputy Rector of Economic Affairs and Research

Professor Dimosthenis Panagiotakos

e-mail: vrector_fin (at) hua.gr

Deputy Rector of Academic Affairs and International Relations

Professor Katia Lasaridi

e-mail: vrector_acad (at) hua.gr

Deputy Rector of Student Affairs and Administration

Assoc. Professor Kostas Abeliotis

e-mail: vrector_stud (at) hua.gr

Rectorate Office tel. 210-9549 101, 210-9549 102, 210-9549 120, Fax. 210 9577050